Maven taglib Plug-in

Maven Taglib Plug-in is a maven plugin for jsp tag libraries developers. It eases the generation, documentation and testing of jsp tag libraries.

The xslt scripts in this plugin were initially developed in the displaytag project. You can see an example of maven-taglib generated reports on displaytag web site.

Maven 2

A Maven 2 version of the Taglib Plug-in is available.


To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download

To add the taglib plugin as a dependency for your project, add the following to the dependencies list in your project.xml:



See the goals page for the list of goals available in the maven taglib plugin. Most of the features are now accessible by simply adding


to the reports section in your pom. This will trigger the generation of:

  • tldDoc documentation (linked in the project documentation section)
  • a tag library validation report (linked in the project documentation section)
  • a tag reference page for each tld (not automatically linked, see goals for details )