Release History

1.4.2 November 13, 2005
1.4.1 October 9, 2005
1.4 August 21, 2005 tag reference page enhancements
1.3.2 August 17, 2005 bugfix release
1.3.1 July 25, 2005 bugfix release
1.3 March 27, 2005 bugfix release
1.2.2 November 6, 2004 Tlddoc fix for java 1.5
1.2.1 November 3, 2004 java 1.5 compatibility release
1.2 September, 29 bugfix release
1.1 May 23, 2004
1.0 February 4, 2004 First release

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Release 1.4.2 - November 13, 2005

fix Fix internal anchors in tag reference pages. Thanks to Rahul Akolkar and Wendy Smoak. fgiust

Release 1.4.1 - October 9, 2005

fix Don't escape text in CDATA sections for the tag summary in tag reference pages. fgiust
fix Remove deprecated default goal in plugin.jelly (avoid deprecation warnings in maven 1.1) fgiust

Release 1.4 - August 21, 2005

update Tag reference pages now display html in CDATA sections from description/info tags, matching the output of tlddoc. Please note that this means that content MUST be valid xml (you can't have unclosed tags) or the build will fail. fgiust

Release 1.3.2 - August 17, 2005

fix Standard section names in tag reference pages (like "attributes" or "variables") now include the tag name, in order to avoid duplicated ids generated by the xdoc plugin. fgiust

Release 1.3.1 - July 25, 2005

fix Fixes issues with maven 1.1b2 and java 1.5. Xslt tranformations failed with a on maven 1.1+java 1.5. fgiust

Release 1.3 - March 27, 2005

fix Plugin fails if source directory doesn't exist. Fixes 1159561. Thanks to Dion Gillard. fgiust
update Upgrade Tag Library Documentation Generator to 1.2. Fixes 1096429. fgiust
fix Allow HTML in TLD documentation (due to Taglibdoc upgrade to 1.2). Fixes 1118291. fgiust

Release 1.2.2 - November 6, 2004

fix Although the 1.2.1 release fixed 1.5 compatibility for goals wich directly use Xalan, tlddoc still has problems and the taglib:taglibdoc goal fails during xslt transformations. Now the plugin ships with a modified com.sun.tlddoc.TLDDocGenerator class till tlddoc will be compatible with java 1.5 bundled xalan. fgiust

Release 1.2.1 - November 3, 2004

fix Plugin now works with JDK 5.0. Fixes 1041240. fgiust

Release 1.2 - September, 29

fix Fixed the ant classpath for taglib:validate (missing commons-collections and Commons-beanutils). fgiust
fix Attribute doesn't exist in class: NullPointerException. Fixes 1016199. fgiust
add Sorting all lists (tag reference). Fixes 1036612. Thanks to Robert Hostlowsky. fgiust

Release 1.1 - May 23, 2004

update The plugin has been totally rewritten using java objects instead of jelly and ant tasks. fgiust
add New taglibrary validation report. Checks for the presence of tag classes declared in tld, setters with the correct param type. fgiust
add Generation of TldDoc documentation using taglibrarydoc fgiust
update The convert-12to11 goal has been deprecated and a more gen eric convert one has been added. You can now set input/output versions using project properties. fgiust
add A tag reference page is now automatically generated for each tld found in taglib.src.dir . The taglib.tld.src property is not taken into account any more. The generated name for the tag reference page is now tagreference- tldname (for example, it will be tagreference-dummy for a tld named dummy.tld ) fgiust
add Tag library validation report, tldDoc documentation and tag reference can now be generated adding the taglib report to your pom (note that the tag reference page is not automatically linked). fgiust
update License has been updated: the plugin is now distributed under the "Artistic License". The original code comes from the displaytag project, distributed under the artistic license. fgiust

Release 1.0 - February 4, 2004

add First version released. fgiust